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Polyphenylene Sulfide

Product Description:


The PPS grades are based on polyphenylene supplied resin. This inherently flame retardant semi-crystalline polymer offers a very good mechanical resistance, good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, high continuous use temperature capability, very good dimensional stability and excellent electrical characteristics. PPS finds its applications where PA, POM, PET, PEI and PEEK and PSU fall short or where PI, PEEK and PAI are over-engineered and a more economical solution must be found.

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength resistance Elongation Rate Resistance Coefficient Notched Impact Strength Bending Strength Bending coefficient Bending coefficient Compressive strength Compressibility Friction coefficient
80 22 3311 16 127 3300 94 3003 0.25

Material properties:

Heat deflection temperature
Heat distortion temperature
Short-term maximum temperature Continuous use temperature Thermal conductivity Coefficients of linear expansion Combustion
205 113 258 222 0.21 2.5 V-0

Properties of Electricity:

Volume resistivity Surface Resistance Dielectric Strength Density Rockwell hardness Shao D hardness Water absorption
10E18 10E16 17 1.35 -- 85 0.02

Product Type / Size [mm]

Product Type Size  
Film(Sheet Metal)