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Product Description:


Polysulfone show great thermal stability (from -100 to +160 °C). PSU possess a high mechanical strength, very good dielectric properties and hydrolysis resistance, high radiation resistance and self-extinguishing. PSU has a low notch impact strength.

★high strength and rigidity
★high impact strength (also at low temperatures)
★very good dimensional stability
★high chemical resistance
★high resistance to all kinds of radiation
★low smoke emission
★repeated sterilization

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength resistance Elongation Rate Resistance Coefficient Notched Impact Strength Bending Strength Bending coefficient Bending coefficient Compressive strength Compressibility Friction coefficient
10 74 2485 4 80/- 2692 97 2587 --

Material properties:

Heat deflection temperature
Heat distortion temperature
Short-term maximum temperature Continuous use temperature Thermal conductivity Coefficients of linear expansion Combustion
180 173 180 150 0.25 5.57 HB

Properties of Electricity:

Volume resistivity Surface Resistance Dielectric Strength Density Rockwell hardness Shao D hardness Water absorption
5*10E16 5*10E16 16.72 1.24 M 91 80 0.31

Product Type / Size [mm]

Product Type Size