ESD Anti- Static materials


Optical Level,Antistatic

Product Description:


Durostone ® CAG-762 is an antistatic grade with light reflection properties suitable for infrared and optical sensors. It is GRAY in color.
Durostone ® is a heavy-duty glass fibre reinforced plastic which offers extreme strength and excellent electrical, thermal and chemical properties. Durostone ® is manufactured by using Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxid- and modified Epoxy resins combined with glass fibers.

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength resistance Elongation Rate Resistance Coefficient Notched Impact Strength Bending Strength Bending coefficient Bending coefficient Compressive strength Compressibility Friction coefficient
200 542 4269 14669 300-400 254 213 223 0.54

Material properties:

Heat deflection temperature
Heat distortion temperature
Short-term maximum temperature Continuous use temperature Thermal conductivity Coefficients of linear expansion Combustion
250 250 360 300 0.3 10 VO

Properties of Electricity:

Volume resistivity Surface Resistance Dielectric Strength Density Rockwell hardness Shao D hardness Water absorption
25 225 225 1.9 M100 -- 0.1

Product Type / Size [mm]

Product Type Size