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Torlon PAI-5530

Polyamide-imide, Glass-fulled Grades

Product Description:


This 30% glass fibre reinforced grade offers higher stiffness, mechanical strength and creep resistance than TORLON 4203 PAI. It is well suited for structural applications supporting static loads for long periods of time at high temperatures. The suitability of TORLON 5530 PAI for sliding parts, however, is to be carefully examined since the glass fibres tend to abrade the mating surface.

Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength resistance Elongation Rate Resistance Coefficient Notched Impact Strength Bending Strength Bending coefficient Bending coefficient Compressive strength Compressibility Friction coefficient
118 3 6207 3.5 144 5664 185 4135 0.22

Material properties:

Heat deflection temperature
Heat distortion temperature
Short-term maximum temperature Continuous use temperature Thermal conductivity Coefficients of linear expansion Combustion
-- 270 270 250 0.35 3.9 V-0

Properties of Electricity:

Volume resistivity Surface Resistance Dielectric Strength Density Rockwell hardness Shao D hardness Water absorption
-- 10E13 17.73 1.61 M125 -- 0.31

Product Type / Size [mm]

Product Type Size